Why We Built Pound Pay

There are plenty of ways to send money to friends and family in the UK - from old school cheques and bank transfers to newer payment apps. But one thing has been missing - a seamless peer-to-peer payment app specifically for UK bank account holders.

That's why we built Pound Pay - to fill the gap and provide a fast, easy and affordable way for people across England to send each other money

Existing options just didn't cut it. Cheques can take days to clear. Bank transfers are slow too and you can't include messages. Other payment apps often require an account or have fees for bank transfers.

We knew there had to be a better way. So we created Pound Pay to harness the power of open banking and Faster Payments. Now UK bank customers can connect directly to send and receive instant transfers.

By combining bank-level security with a user-friendly interface, we've made peer-topeer payments effortless. Our 1% transfer fee keeps the service sustainable while still providing great value. And the ability to include messages makes splitting bills and paying friends back even easier.

Ultimately, we want paying someone or getting paid to be as seamless as sending a text. We believe that technology should make people's lives simpler, not more complicated. And Pound Pay delivers on that mission.

So if you're in the UK and want a faster, more convenient way to send money, download Pound Pay and join the fintech revolution! We built this for you - because we believe sending pounds deserves to be this easy